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Jan 31 - video clip

This gorgeous lingerie model is flaunting her brand new lacy lingerie for you, asking if you like it. She knows you want to jack off and cum as you watch her, so she tells you to start stroking your cock. She demonstrates on her finger exactly how she wants you to do it, varying the speed every now and again so you don't cum too fast. Finally she tells you to cum, and after you've had your big moment, she instructs you to lick all of your cum off of your hand and off of the floor where it dripped.




Jan 27 - video clip

It's too bad you have such a small cock, so small that I can barely see it. What a total loser?




Jan 23 - video clip

Kayla and Claire are smoking and drinking beer and describing how they are going to bring home a bunch of guys to fuck you in the ass and Claire helpfully demonstrates with a curling iron how wide your asshole is going to be when they are done with you.




Jan 19 - video clip

Amelia and Claire are towering over you and look huge from the perspective of a little loser under their feet. They rub their feet right in your face and laugh when they see your tiny penis getting erect.




Jan 15 - video clip

"I know a gay bar where a lot of gay dudes with big dicks hang out. How about we take this little fagot there tonight? Maybe he can learn something from them while they are fucking him in the ass?"




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