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Aug 22 - video clip

After a long hard day at the office, in sexy high heels Miss Tiffany comes home to her pathetic Boy Toy who is caged under her bed and who’s head is strategically anchored in place at the foot of Miss Tiffany’s bed for any foot massage indulgence she desires. This day at the office has been especially taxing as Miss Tiffany was on her feet all day and due to company cut backs, the air conditioner was set to 85 degrees which resulted in Miss Tiffany working up a sweat and some very smelly stinky feet!




Aug 18 - video clip

A rude carpet salesman pisses off the wrong woman, after receiving terrible service and an attitude from this pathetic merchant of cheap carpet, Mistress Jordan contacts a couple of her muscular friends to kidnap the carpet salesman and have him delivered (tied up) to her home so that she can administer an appropriate attitude adjustment. In only a short amount of time the carpet salesman comes under foot, as Mistress Jordan uses him to clean her awful smelling, dirty shoes. Soon the carpet salesman will have an attitude adjustment and will know full well that he is only good enough to be a rug under Mistress’s sexy smelly feet!




Aug 14 - video clip

It’s a professors worst nightmare, two of his hottest female students discover he has been checking them out, staring at their tits in class, taking pictures of them in uncompromising positions and just being a dirty old pervy teacher. Now these two hot coeds have the goods on Mr. Professor and are using his perversions against him to get thousands of dollars per week, sports cars, cruises even a private plan trip to the Bahamas..... and if he does not...... they are releasing all the perverted evidence he has collected to his family, the University and to the police! Yes, these girls sure know how to grab a man by the balls and squeeze!




Aug 10 - video clip

For $5 you would expect to get a good working appliance, but when these two hot girls get their new remote control multi purpose appliance home to accommodate all their various needs they are sorely disappointed by its performance.




Aug 6 - video clip

This looser male employee who has been working for this hot boss (Miss Tiffany) has not been paid in over 5 months, he is desperate for money! Boss Tiffany decided to have a little humiliating fun with this looser, she makes him dress up like a hairy disgusting man slut for her amusement and stick insulting notes all over his disgusting hairy body. This looser whinnies and whines about not getting paid.




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