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Jun 30 - video clip

Mistress Jordan sits on the cage with her personal slave lying inside and her sexy thigh high boots dangling over the edge in front of his face. She also hits him with her flogger and finally reveals what his punishment is for: being a fat piggy with a small dick.




Jun 27 - video clip

Miss Tiffany catches her roommate masturbating to gross pictures of old women with enormous boobs and also finds some girly panties on the floor of his room. She acts quickly and takes pictures and threatens to send them to all his friends unless he pays her, and pays her a lot.




Jun 24 - video clip

Blackmail by Miss Jordan. Beautiful Miss Jordan is the best friend of Kid Dynamite's wife. She saw him at a strip club when he was supposed to be out of town on business and threatens to tell his wife which would surely result in a divorce. He begs her not to tell her and is desperate when she tells him her demands but he has no choice but to comply and give her everything she wants.




Jun 20 - video clip

Miss Tiffany comes home from a night out with her girlfriends and finds that her boyfriend is not done with her homework yet! The whole purpose of dating him is that he does all her work for her and serves her like a queen so of course she is annoyed with him. She gives him a long list of tasks to do while making fun of how pathetic he is to be her little servant bitch.




Jun 17 - video clip

Miss Tiffany as a therapist gets annoyed that her male patient lied down on the couch without her permission. She makes him stand up while talking to her. She uses her own patented therapy method for males with sexual issues, which is to humiliate them about it and laugh at them. This time she combines it with a spanking, with a paddle with SLUT written on it.




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