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Aug 2 - video clip

This pathetic looser is so excited that Miss Tiffany has agreed to go out on a date with him that he agrees to dress up like a cute little pony, he thinks that by simply dressing up like a little pony he will get to take Miss Tiffany out on a date. However Miss Tiffany has many more ideas for this little pony..... Whinny!




Jul 29 - video clip

A love fool looser writes a pathetic love letter to a real mean heartless bitch (Miss Skin). This troll has the penmanship and grammar skills of a 1st grader, in addition he has no sense of timing as he wonders in to her home while she is talking to her friend (Princess Selina) to give her the heart felt but pathetically written letter. These mean girls are so disgusted at how pathetic and challenged this looser is acting they try to find some useful purpose for this fool, finally they decided to use him as a couch support while the girls make off with his wallet for a girls night out on the town.




Jul 25 - video clip

While waiting for service at the pool Mistress Electra is mortified by the lack of promptness by the staff, with someone of her grace one would expect world class service whenever and where ever she goes, but this establishment obviously hires wretched looser’s who haven’t a clue about quality service. What’s a Mistress to do, but take matters into her own hands by showing one especially obtuse employee what good refreshing service really means.




Jul 15 - video clip

Princess Selina is amusing herself by humiliation her "little fairy" slave. She makes him dress up like a girl and perform ridiculous tricks for her while she laughs at him. How humiliating to be looking so ridiculous in front of such a gorgeous girl while she is laughing at you. She then proceeds to make him drink a bottle of other mens cum that she collected from all her ex boyfriends!




Jul 5 - video clip

Miss Tiffany is a psychiatrist dealing with a patient, with sexual performance issues. She has a unique way of helping him, by making fun of his problem. She relentlessly humiliates him until he is on the verge of tears. The therapy might not be working but it sure is fun for her.




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