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Sep 11 - video clip

A looser house bitch who was suppose to clean the house finds himself in a dirty predicament, when his Mistress (Miss Tiffany) comes home and demands to know what he has cleaned. The pathetic house bitch tells her that he vacuumed the floors and moped the kitchen. Caught in an obvious lie, Miss Tiffany points out the debris on the carpet and the fact that her sexy knee high socks are filthy from walking on a dirty kitchen floor, she forces this lying bitch to lick clean her dirty filthy socks and then stuffs them in his mouth.




Sep 7 - video clip

Finding himself tied to a chair, this cheating pig is confronted by his smoking hot girlfriend (Miss Tiffany) who takes advantage of his immobility by questioning him about a tube of lipstick she found in his car. The pig (not realizing his vulnerability) lies to her about his cheating. Miss Tiffany takes the lipstick and writes all over his face what he truly is.... a lying, slut, looser. Once she has him looking like a humiliated cheating looser she gets a camera and begins to take pictures of him with the purpose of turning them into life size posters to be places around the looser’s neighborhood for everyone to see what a cheating pig this looser has become.




Sep 3 - video clip

Have you ever thought your boy wasn't your own? Well Princess Selina confirms your worst fears... she sleep with your best friend and that’s why your son is several shades darker...... Not only that, she is leaving you for Tony, the Italian Sausage who really knows how to make your soon to be ex-wife feel like a REAL woman. You suck, and now she’s leaving you for your Italian friend because your balding, getting fat and just reek of failure..... you’re such a worthless bitch!




Aug 30 - video clip

A boyfriend comes home to find his girl (Miss Selina) congregating on their bed with another hot chick (Princess Skin), he stupidly assumes his girlfriend has brought this new girl home for a threesome, but is quickly informed that this is not the case. The situation in fact is quite grim for this pathetic looser of a boyfriend... he is being kicked out of the house and the new girl is taking his place as she knows best how to please another woman.




Aug 26 - video clip

So you have been busy weaving a web of bullshit with your wife, your Mistress and now a new Mistress has come into your life and you’re diverting cash away from your proclaimed number one Mistress (Princess Selina). Princess Selina however is on to your game, checking out your computer habits, web history and where your funneling your money. She finds out you’re siphoning off money from her needs to this new whore mistress and is none too happy about it. She threatens to expose the whole sorted web you have woven to your new Mistress and to your wife! The only way you can avoid this unpleasant reality is to cough up more money for your number one Mistress... and it’s not going to be cheap!




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