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Dec 22 - video clip




Dec 18 - video clip

"So you fantasize about licking girl's dirty feet clean, huh. I have to say that's one of the most pathetic fantasies I ever heard. When you were in school did you look at all the sexy girls in your class and imagine yourself on the floor, under their desk having to lick the all the dust and sweat from the soles of their feet? My god, how pathetic and disgusting. They were probably dating all the hot popular guys and didn't even know you existed and all, while all you could think of is being under the soles of their feet like a doormat."




Dec 13 - video clip

Kid Dynamite thinks he is auditioning for a talent show but is confused why the girls are making him do ridiculous things such as bark like a dog, strip and lick their feet. Finally they tell him that he is auditioning for the top loser show, not the top talent.




Dec 9 - video clip

The evil duo of inferior male humiliation, Claire and Eve are entertained by a pervert who is in love with Eve's feet ... "What is he doing down there, was he like sniffing your feet or something? Oh my good, look his dick is getting hard just looking at your feet.... What a perverted loser." After a lot of abuse Eve finally takes pity and allows him to get close and sniff her feet, while laughing at how pathetically grateful he is for that privilege




Nov 14 - video clip

Part 5/5 Powerful female CEO interviews people for a new position. She hires the first one too be her worthless pathetic slave. Then she hires an Ivy league graduate to be her boy-toy and together they humiliate her slave. They make out while the slave worships her feet, gets shocked with a doggy shock collar, and gets totally humiliated in front of them. The slave has to worship her spiky high heels, then she puts on comfortable flip-flops and rests her feet on slaves face while she makes out with her toy-boy on the couch.




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